I live in Phoenix, Arizona and build software both professionally and recreationally. I work on web and mobile apps as a software architect at Synapse Studios and moonlight as a freelance software consultant.

From a young age I took an interest in software and explored web and app development, UI design, infosec, and systems administration. These days I have a career designing all sorts of software for all sorts of companies, and I care a lot about good architecture and development practices (especially for teams). I feel lucky to work for a living doing something I enjoy.

The busier I am at work, the less I feel like writing code for fun. Instead I find myself dabbling in electronics, photography, fabrication, and offroading.


You can send email to chris@nearengine.com.

I also maintain profiles on Mastodon, GitHub, and LinkedIn. If you see a profile with my name somewhere else, it's probably not me.